what goes into a bio photograph? / by Bianca Alexis


as much of an exhibitionist i am, i always have this tiny voice in the back of my head that people just want to see my work and not me.  as most of my friends know i do not fear the camera, but there was something about bio photographs that i thought were cheesy and/or contrived.  my mind completely changed during the noble desktop seminar.  people wanted to see my face.  i learned that future clients might wonder why doesn't she have a photograph representing herself on her own "photo" site.  it just made sense to have one.

i quickly asked one of my good friends tash kouri to take some fabulous photos of me in the morning before work.  soho is a great backdrop for portraits. its a whirlwind of energy, old new york, and pops of color contrasting against its urban decay.  i already am using my bio pic on my about section.  see below for my other favorites.