officially certified in retouching / by Bianca Alexis

as some of you  know i make my bread and butter as a retoucher.  thing is, i am all self taught.  when i graduated from pratt, it was at the curve of switching from film to digital.  my class had a lot of push back but i was intrigued, and took all the digital courses they had available. (which weren't many in 2005)  i also worked at a computer lab so i would practice there.  still throughout my jobs as a printer, studio manager, image processor, i still had to use photoshop. i loved the program so much i would continue to use it everyday at home.  now that i am at my current job (going on 6 years) as a professional retoucher,  now i thought would be a good time to properly learn.

that's when i found noble desktop. it was easy to get to, a block away from my current job.  the classes were after work and my job was accommodating to have me learn.  i ended up taking three classes to get the photo retouching certificate.  the teachers were super informative, open to answer a lot of questions, and they have turned my work flow into something more concrete.  they also give out a book that you can keep so you can refer to notes later.  it was an intense two months, but it was all worth it!