I Have A Problem? / by Bianca Alexis


I'm writing here today because a lot has been on my mind about health. To further explain I'd have to indulge you about my unhealthy past.


I wasn't always big. But taunting happened at a very young age. I think I was 10 playing with my cousins when a boy down the street started playing basketball with us. I wasn't very athletic. So when I was slowing the pace of the game. He turned to me and said I should go on Jenny Craig. I was dumbfounded and everyone laughed. I didn't think I was big and no one ever called me big. But since I had a small crush on the boy, I had to think he was right.

Further down the road I became obsessed with comic books. I would draw super heroes endlessly. In doing that I wanted a super hero body. I would stare at my body for hours in the mirror. Thinking my arms were too short to look like a super hero or my bust wasn't big enough.


Puberty came soon after and things changed very quickly. I had a bust. I had hips. I had a very curvy body.  But then high school happened. Everyone around me was slender. The complete opposite of what I looked. Girls would mock me in the changing room for gym because I was more busty then them.  Now I look back and know it was complete jealousy.  I was healthy back then. I just wanted a slender body because everyone else had one.

 Woman inspecting nutrition label

I remember first looking at the side of a cereal box and trying to follow what the normal suggested serving size was. 2000 calories/day and 65 grams of fat/day. I thought if I followed these suggestions I would be slender. Everything went in the other direction and I started gaining weight. Of course I know now that these daily values are way too much for my frame size. Dieting or not.

Now I'm at college. I was slightly over weight. When you're in college you have so many choices. The lunch you buy in the cafeteria. All the fast food to eat outside. No one to feed or not feed you.  And of course. Alcohol.


That's what set me over. The empty calories. The poor choice you make in food while your drinking. It just spiraled out of control.

When I knew I had a problem I was looking at myself in the mirror. And where usually a curve on the side of my waist would happen. Was a little speed bump. I then thought, "crap."


So now that I knew I had a problem. What was the solution?  It took me 10 years to get it right.

Stay tuned next week for part 2.