Holi-daze in Israel / by Bianca Alexis

Happy New Year! How was yours? Mine was very low key. But that will not affect how the rest of the year will pan out. As you all know the hubby and I took a trip to Israel for the holidays.  As an artist I strongly approve of getting out of your comfort zone.  I know some people don't have the funds or time off to get away. But make yourself see something new every couple of months. Even if it's exploring a new part of town or the next state over.  This has been my 4th time to Israel and I am always inspired by something I haven't seen before.  Below are some of my favorite photos. Enjoy!

 Yaniv's moms 70th birthday party.  Now that's a tribe!
 Port at Tel-Aviv.
 Vitamin D. Yum!

Vitamin D. Yum!

 Old City in Jerusalem.
 Need my caffeine.
 The markets of Jerusalem.
 Fresh bread.
 All the spices.
 Off to the wailing wall.
 Somewhere in there is my wish.
 My father in law and my niece. I love the contrast between those two.
 Oh yes.
 Peaking in the old tunnels.
 Love these nurses
 Making cupcakes with my niece and nephew.
 Had to get my club on the night of the Mayan Apocalypse.
 Finally home for sunrise in NYC.