happy holidays! / by Bianca Alexis

we just lit the first candle on the menorah last night. to join in with the oil based festivities i made hannukah donuts. i went the extra step and made them pumpkin flavored (real pumpkin) and made my own cranberry jam! it's so easy. i've already started unloading to some friends and i'm afraid i might need to make another batch. did i mention that they are also vegan!

so here's to a fantastic rest of the year. even tho i have been lagging from blogging i've had a lot of photo projects in the mist. i've had a shoot about every week. i am looking forward to everything winding down and start planning for a bigger and better new year.  this year was full of change and getting to know myself a lot better. and now i just want to use my new findings towards next year!