My Bumby Start Into Photography / by Bianca Alexis



We all dream of what we would consider a career one day.  It starts out innocently enough in Kindergarten.  I want to be an Astronaut, Pilot, or a Nurse.  Very rarely we become one of those things.  But it is always nice to try, and when you do it's the best feeling in the world.

I always wanted to be an artist. Even in the single digit years. I would draw...a lot.  I would gather comic books and draw my favorite characters over and over again.  But then I noticed I can only draw what was already illustrated. I couldn't take the characters and mold them to how I wanted them to look.  And drawing from real life?  Forget about it.  Being disappointed I looked into other fields of art.


Then I found Photography.  I was a Junior in High School and I took an intro class.  There was a love between me and developing photos.  Seeing the image dance its way to development.  The weird thing about my introductory was that I was HORRIBLE at it.  My photos were underexposed.  My hand was shaky, so the photos were blurry.  We had to develop our own B/W negatives and I just kept doing it wrong. It took me to an entire month to process 10 rolls of film; and even then I barely got 3 images.


You would think with weeks of frustration I would just quit.  But I never got angry. I was only disappointed. But I kept going. I got it, FINALLY. Then, I would never stop.  I would carry my camera everywhere.  Photographing different lighting situations, my friends, the local cemetery.  By then I was a Senior in High School.  So all my free time I lived in the darkroom.  Every lunch period, Every study break.  Before and after school.  I just loved being in that dark room.  Watching things develop. Mixing chemicals for the other classes.


When looking back and seeing how far I've come. I realize that it would have been easy to just quit. But when you have passion, you'll do anything to get it.  Determination works in every aspect of life.  If you want something.  You get it.  No matter how hard you're knocked down.