Being Thankful / by Bianca Alexis


Today is Thanksgiving. It is a traditional American holiday where we give thanks.  It's really hard in a busy technological world to take the time and remember what we need to appreciate in our lives.  What we need to do in our society is to be thankful on a regular basis.  Even I have trouble appreciating and I find myself complaining. It's not a healthy attitude.

Above is a photo taken after Hurricane Sandy.  I live in Evacuation Zone B, yet the water surge came steps from our door. 


It was a hard hit of reality when having to rummage around in darkness, flush the toilet with a bucket of water, cover your head with blankets and breathe hard just to keep warm.  But then there are people that lost everything.  Their houses, their possessions, their jobs.  It really puts things in perspective.  What's a week without normalcy compared to what other people went through?


My husband (2nd from the right) is Israeli. I care about him and his family so much. When I met him 7 years ago, I could barely pick out Israel on the map.  Currently there is an "operation" going on. An "operation" between Palestine and Israel. Casualties are escalating.  Tensions are rising.  2 pm yesterday, both sides announced a ceasefire.  I hope this ceasefire will last and that both sides resolve their problems.  Hopefully in this lifetime.

With the hurricane and being "married" to a conflict.  I feel awful just complaining about anything mundane. I've had problems in my life. No doubt that everyone has. But you can't go through life comparing and complaining. 


So through this holiday season, just think less about yourselves and give a helping hand.  Be nice.  Be compassionate.  No matter how hard things get for yourselves, it always helps to put that negative energy into something positive.

If you would like to help out for Hurricane Sandy.  Here is a list of centers you can donate or volunteer at.

BreezyRockawaysRed HookStaten IslandHobokenNew Jersey