Being Behind The Camera / by Bianca Alexis


I classify myself as a fashion/portraiture photographer.  This is my strong point. With regards to lighting, I love telling people how to pose to make them look best on camera.  The camera is a funny thing. With one wrong angle, things can go seriously wrong and give someone grief about the way they look.  As a photographer I think it's important to always change up different angles and lighting to see what is best for someone's features.

But being on the reverse side is hard.  In order for me to get a proper photo, I need some direction.  Maybe it's because I give so much direction to my models/clients that I want the same. 

The first set of photos is done with my longest-long distance friend Shauna.  She was in town for a short while, headmistressing the Blogcademy.  Even though, I have taken photos of her through out the years. We never had anyone take professional photos of the two of us. 

I also lost a lot of weight recently. This was taken around the time I first met Shauna in 2002.


So we had the talented Lisa Devlin take our photos.  She made the whole process very easy.  She gave excellent direction and I never froze up.  She made me feel very relaxed even tho I only just met her!