kenya/tanzania by Bianca Alexis

i just came back from a safari in kenya and then relaxed on the beaches of tanzania.  what a trip! below are my favorite selects.  i shot with a sony rx-100. i wanted to feel like i was on vacation without the work.  this camera really blew me away. compact, shoots raw, crisp and clean.

contrast planes by Bianca Alexis




noun: collaboration; plural noun: collaborations


the action of working with someone to produce or create something.


happy holidays! by Bianca Alexis

we just lit the first candle on the menorah last night. to join in with the oil based festivities i made hannukah donuts. i went the extra step and made them pumpkin flavored (real pumpkin) and made my own cranberry jam! it's so easy. i've already started unloading to some friends and i'm afraid i might need to make another batch. did i mention that they are also vegan!

so here's to a fantastic rest of the year. even tho i have been lagging from blogging i've had a lot of photo projects in the mist. i've had a shoot about every week. i am looking forward to everything winding down and start planning for a bigger and better new year.  this year was full of change and getting to know myself a lot better. and now i just want to use my new findings towards next year!

killer heels by Bianca Alexis

yesterday i had the immense pleasure of seeing the killer heels exhibit at the brooklyn museum.   my girl lina joined me last minute and we had a blast.  it was super inspirational to see all these creations going as far as the 16th century. fun fact...high heels were made for men at first, not women!

my favorite shoe at the exhibit was pure art.  i never heard of sputniko before but when i saw this shoe i was floored.  check out the accompanying video and see for yourself. imagine a piece of fashion that can really help the environment.

if you live in the tri state area please go see this exhibit. it's not just for women as you think. these shoes are wearable art and sometimes just art.  i leave you with a photo of lina and i trying not to take some of the shoes with us!


pq eyewear by Bianca Alexis

while i was in israel this past winter i happened to find myself having dinner with a group of friends and this guy, ron arad

please do yourself and check out his website.  he started out as an industrial designer turned architect.  this man knows no limits to the art he creates.  ranging from installations, perfume bottles, and even crushing cars.

later in the week i got a chance to visit his new project with pq eyewear.  i was amazed at all the different variations of glasses and sunglasses.  even the likes of oprah and pharrell williams have been wearing his genius designs.

when i got back home i quickly had to show my all star team these creations.  we quickly met and figured out several looks for these glasses.  see below for our amazing creations!

hair - jennifer robinson

make up - christine geiger

body art - tash kouri

models - devon/alexander

rimbaud eyes by Bianca Alexis

remember my blog post here?  now is the time for the unveiling.  my super talented friend gooby,  arranged the whole thing along with mastermind tamaryn.  the dum dum girls  were a swell bunch of people to work with!  gooby did most of the editing and camera shots but i assisted, so it's great to see my shots in this music video  i feel like this is just the beginning.  even in college i always was drawn to the moving picture.  enjoy some of the stills below and get to watch the amazing video!!

get high by Bianca Alexis

sometimes time gets the best of me.  last summer my good friend gooby had this amazing space that was being gutted for a new office.  i couldn't pass up such an opportunity to shoot there before the construction was done.  so i wrangled my best team and below are the results!

hair/make up - jayme jennings

stylist - xina giatas

assistant stylist - candice guttmann/meredith duers

photo assistant - gooby herms

model - piper werle

happy passover by Bianca Alexis

today i am getting together with some really good friends and celebrating passover outside the home.  it will be my first passover in a while that i am not hosting but i am all for change.

i don't want to keep you waiting, but here is a preview of one of the shoots i have been working so hard on.  can't wait to reveal the product and the photos soon! so stayed tuned!

dum dum by Bianca Alexis

yesterday was a blast.  i had the privilege in assisting a music video shoot for the dum dum girls.  bianca alexis photography is taking a small step into film and video editing this year.  this was the best way to get my feet wet.  i am looking forward to seeing the results.  for now you can catch a glimpse of what we did.  it is not the traditional sense of filming but fun none the less.


to the new year! by Bianca Alexis

Just finished my last job from this 2013 year.  I am excited to launch into new projects in 2014. You never know what life is going to bring you, but what I have learned is the people that surround you can inspire!  

See you guys next year and have a safe New Years!


officially certified in retouching by Bianca Alexis

as some of you  know i make my bread and butter as a retoucher.  thing is, i am all self taught.  when i graduated from pratt, it was at the curve of switching from film to digital.  my class had a lot of push back but i was intrigued, and took all the digital courses they had available. (which weren't many in 2005)  i also worked at a computer lab so i would practice there.  still throughout my jobs as a printer, studio manager, image processor, i still had to use photoshop. i loved the program so much i would continue to use it everyday at home.  now that i am at my current job (going on 6 years) as a professional retoucher,  now i thought would be a good time to properly learn.

that's when i found noble desktop. it was easy to get to, a block away from my current job.  the classes were after work and my job was accommodating to have me learn.  i ended up taking three classes to get the photo retouching certificate.  the teachers were super informative, open to answer a lot of questions, and they have turned my work flow into something more concrete.  they also give out a book that you can keep so you can refer to notes later.  it was an intense two months, but it was all worth it!


inspiration station 12.09.13 by Bianca Alexis

inspired yet again!  one of my favorite shoe lines from brazil, melissa tweeted these incredible structures from art basel.  art basel is an international art show for modern and contemporary work in miami, florida.  aren't these shoes to die for?

i really only investigated these shoes for myself to wear. reluctantly they are not for sale.  tho i think that some of these could work for a person like me, they are defintely not functional.  this line was a 12 piece set done by chilean-born and new york-based artist and designer sebastian errazuriz.  when i read they were inspired by 12 of his ex lovers, i was even more captivated. so go ahead, get inspired and read each short story.  it truly is fascinating.

i got published! by Bianca Alexis


around two years ago my good friend zoh, asked me to do a look book for her newest collection.  little did i know that our photo shoot was going to be published!


anatomy of steampunk: the fashion of victorian futurism is a lovely 224 page hardcover book. we are in 6 full pages!  living in a digital age it is great to see my photographs come alive in print.


you can find this beautiful book online or at barnes and noble.  below are the spreads but be sure to pick it up in person, the printing and color is truly divine!

pratt 2013 opportunity fair by Bianca Alexis

This past weekend I had the experience of checking out the pratt opportunity fair.  for all you new readers, i attended pratt instittute from 2001-2005. i majored in photography and haven't been really back to the old campus since 2005.  i got an e-mail last week asking if i was interested in coming in for a portfolio review.  all my life i listened to myself and swatted away other people's opinions.  now im trying to open up and listen, instead of being dismissive.

 this is what i took to the fair

this is what i took to the fair

hm tote bag

pratt opportunity fair ticket


business cards

ipad portfolio

 what i wore to impress.

what i wore to impress.

i tried to keep it simple.  i didn't want to scare anyone away with a dominating color or piece of jewelry that might take away from what i was saying.  the boots were sleek and comfortable.  the jacket gave me comfort just in case there was a draft.

 i kept my make up minimal as well.

i kept my make up minimal as well.

 and off i went!

and off i went!

going through the campus was nostalgia for me. it really is beautiful there and can't believe that my time here impacted my life so much in 4 short years.


the fair was set up like this.  each table represented a company.  after signing in, you were able to speak with people and show them your portfolio.  i got a lot of good feedback.  it was great to hear that i finally found my style.


the best part of this fair were the roundtable discussions.  there were 6-7 tables with various topics, such as "creative career path", "adjusting to change", and "plotting a professional path".   it was a great way to really have time with professionals and like minded people in an artistic field.  i did meet up with some photographers and it was great to hear about the different career paths they took after graduation.

in all this was a great experience.  it helped me get out of my comfort zone. ask questions about my field and ventures i've been struggling wtih.  now i have all these fantastic ideas to move my personal business to the next level.

what goes into a bio photograph? by Bianca Alexis


as much of an exhibitionist i am, i always have this tiny voice in the back of my head that people just want to see my work and not me.  as most of my friends know i do not fear the camera, but there was something about bio photographs that i thought were cheesy and/or contrived.  my mind completely changed during the noble desktop seminar.  people wanted to see my face.  i learned that future clients might wonder why doesn't she have a photograph representing herself on her own "photo" site.  it just made sense to have one.

i quickly asked one of my good friends tash kouri to take some fabulous photos of me in the morning before work.  soho is a great backdrop for portraits. its a whirlwind of energy, old new york, and pops of color contrasting against its urban decay.  i already am using my bio pic on my about section.  see below for my other favorites.